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Al-Joud Charitable Foundation stands side by side with deserving families, especially in the holy month of Ramadan... the month of goodness and generosity. Therefore, it distributes the largest number of Ramadan cartons... and is keen to ensure that the Ramadan carton is large in size and rich in its nutritional components of the highest quality... and was able to Al-Joud Foundation expanded the scope of its distribution of Ramadan cartons, as it is not limited to the people of Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt, but rather extends to the governorates of Upper Egypt, Halayeb, and Shalatin.

Fasting breakfast meals

Al-Joud Foundation provides more than 4,000 hot meals daily to those who are fasting during the Holy Month, as the activity of breaking the fast for the fasting person represents one of the basic activities that the Foundation adopts during the month of Ramadan to alleviate the suffering of unable families.

the components

Packed sugar 4 kg

Packed rice 4 kg

Pasta 4 kg

Noodles 3 kg

700 kg box of dates

White beans, half a kilo

Dry kidney beans, half a kilo

Egyptian tea, a quarter kilo

Edible oil 700 gm 3 litres

Ghee 700 km 1 can

Sauce 280 gm 1 can

440 EGP

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